Friday, February 22, 2013


I challenged the children this week to create a line drawing of their favorite animal from memory.  The results were wonderful.
 This is such a fun time of year, when all the children have had lots of opportunities to explore the media and are now ready to take them a little deeper.  We were using liquid watercolor and experimenting with wet on wet painting and wet on dry.

toddler's in the studio

 Toddler day in the studio and we shifted our focus from making art to having experiences and the tods LOVED it.  The tunnel was a great success...
 as was a dress up area and a light exploration activity....
and of course there are always opportunities to create and explore media.
Another wonderful Friday with the toddlers!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My favorite portrait of me!

Silly Angelina...Silly Charlotte.
I simply love this piece.  LOVE it.

story people

Story people have emerged in the studio after a mother's night when we introduced the process of making clothespin character's.  Hot glue is now an essential element in the studio work time and I spend much of the day carefully (and safely) attaching an array of elements together under the careful direction and insistence of each child.  I am calling these creations "Story People" because every one of them have a story.  Here are a few examples:

Pete and the Volcano                 By Grayson W.
Pete lives in Hawaii.  She exploded her volcano in 152 and when the volcano exploded she made a volcano home under water and she lives there forever.  She still explodes her volcano on the biggest island of all of them.  No one knows why or how she explodes her volcano.  I think she maybe shoots out the fire and maybe she gets shot out too and becomes fire before going back to earth.

Mr. Piaong Shrimp     By Harry A.
Mr. Piaong Shrimp was walking along and a bad guy touched him and he became a bad guy too and the bad guy became him.  He hit people every day.  He stays where he can push people.  The police got him but he broke their car.  He smacked them and had to go to jail.  When the good guy touched him again, he turned back and he went out and the bad guy went in and that’s the end.