Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Come see the Artisan Center window display LIVE in Cherry Creek

A young child walks down the street.  He notices the cracks in the sidewalk, the sound of a bird chirping amidst the pink budded trees overhead and the drip, drop cadence of a spring snow melt.  He is used to being hurried along amidst the great current of an adult world.  He often lags behind, too full of wonder to hurry.
Looking up, he sees a familiar store window with HIS artwork on display.  He draw's his adult's eye to the window with an enthusiastic pronouncement, "I MADE THAT!" Imagine his satisfaction when he notices other adults pausing to see the window display and catch a glimpse of the world through his eyes, if only for a moment.

This has been a dream of mine for years.

I believe whole heartedly that children should be seen AND heard and much of my work is geared toward providing a platform from which they can speak... in a variety of artistic languages.

Today, Amy and I installed the children's artwork in the Artisan Center's display window, after months of preparation alongside the children. My immense gratitude goes out to the children of Children's Garden Montessori School and to the amazing creativity of  Amy Laugesen, Caity Barton and the wonderful team at the Artisan Center on 3rd and Detroit St. (just a few blocks from school) for helping to make that longtime dream a reality.

We personally invite each of you to take a walk, an amble or a scenic meander down to the Artisan Center with your child to see, first hand, a little glimpse of the world through the creative lens of the children.