Monday, February 29, 2016

pizza party

 The children have been eagerly creating pizzas in the studio.  Each one is uniquely tailored to the tastes of the chef.
 It has been a huge success!  Up next... Taco making... ole'!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We are always learning

In 2009 Colorado adopted revised mathematical standards and curriculum in all publicly funded education.  This was further modified to reflect the statewide implementation of common core standards (Don't worry if this doesn't sound familiar).  Many of our children will leave CGMS and head to schools using curriculum that reflects these standards.  We are confident they will arrive well prepared.

In the studio we are learning through an emergent process that reflects our interests, ideas and questions.  Yesterday as G. played with one of our wooden instruments he noticed a pattern of colors.  His interest prompted me to ask if he'd like to draw it, which he did.  Next he chose to represent it with collage on paper.  As he worked he inspired others to look for patterns in the studio. The Colorado Department of education identifies pattern sense as one of the mathematical expectations for kindergarteners.  It gives children a "...lens with which to understand trends and commonalities."  And as children recognize and represent mathematical relationships and analyze change they are learning that "...the structures of algebra allow complex ideas to be expressed succinctly." (

Children have a natural capacity to learn when provided with an environment rich with opportunities for discovery and exploration. They also readily share their learning with one another.  This emergent process preserves a child's right to wonder, curiosity, big questions, appropriate challenges and internal motivation.  

Here at CGMS we embrace the philosophies of Montessori and Reggio Emilia.  In so doing we support BOTH emergent learning and a skill-based curriculum with concrete strategies for learning about the world.  We feel that the combination of these philosophies provides a rich and meaningful early learning environment, respecting each child's right to wonder while providing them proven methods, tools and curriculum to deepen their thinking, abilities and learning. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

 Tortillas are back by popular demand.  As a school we are exploring the needs of human.  The classrooms have been talking about shelter, transportation, food, protection and more.  The kids have been telling me in no uncertain terms that it is time to get back to cooking.... FOOD.
"Angelina let's make quesadillas... spaghetti with meatballs.... pie... pumpkin pie....and.... everyone needs food".
Of course I listened to them and this week we resumed tortilla and quesadilla making and the children (toddlers all the way up through extended primary) loved it!
Next week I have a request for tacos.  Stay tuned... the children have a mind to create a cookbook too.  Fun and food is on the horizon.