Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ART on the MOVE: August 9th at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The children spent the morning observing details and making connections everywhere...
From tracks in the trails...
to the shapes, lines and colors presenting themselves to us from every angle...
the children never fail to astonish me with their ongoing sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life.
When our time together draws to an end, we gather in a circle to share our illustrations and a few of the many things we delighted in along the way.
This round of Art on the Move has been so successful, that I am considering continuing it once per month throughout the year.  I will keep you posted!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

CGMS 2016-2017 Studio Research Question

Collaboration. Communication.  Compassion.  Connection. Creativity.
In our culture, we connect with one another primarily through words. As an educator, I am baffled that we are never taught how best to use them.  We are taught what they are.  We are taught to disconnect from the experiential realness of a tree in favor of the mental construct filed under T-R-E-E, but we are never taught how to use words to deepen and foster ongoing connection.  Much of our interpersonal dialog stems from interpretations, perceptions and evaluations (all of which take place from a sense of internal “separateness”) and then we are dismayed when our efforts to connect don’t further our needs for connection.  It’s a pretty distressing loop and educational oversight.  

As an early childhood educator, I approach education as collaborative research alongside coworkers, families and the remarkable children I work alongside throughout the year.  My current research question is: 
“How might creative expression/communication be nurtured and scaffolded to further interpersonal connection, dialog and community?.  
In our faced paced, technology driven world it is paramount that we cultivate a habit of turning toward life, whether that be a tree, another human, an animal, a need or whatever is presently offering itself for connection at this time and with increasing skill and openness.  

When you enter the studio this year, you will see evidence of this question throughout the prepared environment.  There will be a writing station with a mail center, more invitations for dramatic play and opportunities for collaboration, alongside many of the tools of representation we use throughout the year to express ourselves in the many languages of childhood.

As always, YOU are a central part of this discovery and community.  We learn together.  If you have any interest or desire to join me in the studio, do not hesitate to contact me!  I'm looking forward to another amazing year!
Your Studio Teacher,