Friday, April 20, 2018

For the love of elephants

In honor of Ele the Elephant we have chosen to fundraise for the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to protect the future of African elephants and their habitat.  This organization is doing wonderful things and we are grateful to be contributing to their efforts in our own small way.  The children and I have been talking about this in the studio and soon the classroom teachers will share this information with the children as well.  It is my hope that you, the families, will also familiarize yourselves with the foundation and nurture compassion for our elephant friends and by extension we will develop an attitude of connection and care with the broader field of life to which we all belong.
The children have been drawing elephants and designing ideas for a possible t-shirt that will be available at the art show.
 Additionally, there will be some exciting incentives for families who donate over 25$ to come!  STAY TUNED!!!

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  1. This is so great, Angelina! I'd love to see Piper draw an elephant;)! Keep us posted on everything.